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Pidilite Analytical laboratory is manned by technically qualified and experienced persons, with many sophisticated instruments available. Our pigments are tested and analyzed for Polychlorobiphenyls, Banned amines, residual solvents particle size and distribution heavy metals. Infrared and Raman spectroscopy are utilized for the identification of pigments. Presently, we are in the process of standardizing the testing procedure for Dioxins, which presently we are getting tested in Europe.
Our laboratories are not only used to test the finished product for impurities but also a close check and monitoring of incoming raw material is done to ensure prevention of contaminated raw material. The tests are done conforming to published standards and in some cases have been specifically designed by our own technical persons.
Polychlorobiphenyl is estimated by DIN method, that is by extraction by DCM(dichloro methane) and followed by clean up and quantified by Gas Chromatograph with ECD detector and identified by GCMS.
Banned amine is tested by LMBG B.82.02-2 method, that is cleavage by sodium dithionate and estimated by HPLC with Diode Array Detector.
Residual solvent in pigments are determined by Head Space Analyzer. Residual or Volatile Organic Components in a pigment is a cause of concern and hence we are geared to estimate them by Head space analyzer attached to GC.
Eight Heavy metals are determined as per EN 71 method that is extraction in 0.07 N HCl and estimation by Atomic absorption Spectrometer.
For the determination of the particle size of pigments, we have in our labs a Dynamic Light Scattering instrument (Beckman Coulter and Brookhaven instruments). With such analysis it is possible for us to maintain the consistency of our finished products.
  With the help of our in-house Infrared and Raman library of pigments, we have the capability to identify the type of pigments and the additives therein.
We also have facilities for identifying and characterizing polymer samples. We have instruments like Differential Thermal Analyzer wherein we determine the tg of a polymer. We have two Minimum Film Forming Temperature apparatus by which we determine the Minimum Film forming temperature for polymer emulsions. We have cone & plate viscometer where we can measure the viscosity under shear.
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